Banner bar

I've made my first foray into the world of Web Components by making one of my very own. Called Banner-bar it allows to create a simple horizontal banner along the top of a page with support for a logo and link. The banner has a nice shadow offsetting it from the content below, and is fully responsive.

Check out the example and code at github.

WordPress custom menu fields

I've packaged-up a plugin that I wrote a while ago for a project that I worked on which required a WordPress site's menu items to have a separately addressable excerpt field which could override the linked page's in-built excerpt.

The plugin that I've now released was half of the resolution to this requirement, which allows for simple programmatic field additions to the menu system.

Custom Menu Fields is available at the plugin repo.


We all receive them, and we all ignore them, but sometimes they can reveal interesting things. e.g.

Virtual-host setup for client development sites

What follows is a response to many requests about how to set up a local environment of WordPress.

The manual way

This first list is how my colleagues taught me to set up development sites on my local PC such that each client gets their own URL which maps to This keeps WordPress happy and makes isolation simple and effective.

SSH connection rate limit bypass

I've got a client who uses a third-party for their hosting and not allowing my company to do so ourselves. A problem arose recently due to this third-party having instituted a rate-limit on TCP Connections such as SSH and HTTP along with fail2ban. Because it's a third-party, and we're not contracting them ourselves, it's difficult to get information about exactly what triggers the rate limit blocking.

30 and Flirty?

I've reached the grand old age of 30 years young. I'm wondering if the term "30 and Flirty" as featured by Jennifer Garner in the movie "13 going on 30" is a suitable term to give to a person of a certain age who happens to find themselves single. I don't mind the odd flirt every now and then, but truth be told I don't actually know when I'm doing it. Flirting has always been a grey area for me, and, with many girls as friends in past life, I think I've been flirty with pretty much all of them all of the time.

Adobe: WHY?!

The topic of this post begins with Adobe. And ends with more frustration.

Yes, I'm fed up of Adobe claiming to be the Web Developer's go-to guy for software to enable advanced techniques in building the future Web. Actually, I'm fed up with them claiming that and then conspicuously ignoring a large part of the developer market who use Linux as their main operating system of choice.

Followup - Freedom and Net Neutrality

This post is a follow-up to my post of February 2011 in which I talk of the potential issues of Net Neutrality sparked off by the Egyptian regime of the time cutting off the Internet in an attempt to control its populace.

WPMUDev reaches 100k users

Celebrate 100k users at WPMU DEV to enter the draw for a free annual account!

Poken Verboten

Achtung alles lookenpeepers. Das computen machine is nicht fur gefingerpoken und mitten grabben, Das easy schappen der springenwerk, blowen fusen und poppen corken mit spitzen sparken. Is nicht fur gewerken by das dumkopfen. Das rubbernecken sightseeren keep hands in das pockets, relaxen und watch das blinken-lights.


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